Saturday, May 23, 2015

Seneca, South Carolina

Blue skies and sunshine at Seneca, South Carolina's 9th Annual Fest. Small town, USA, near Clemson University and between Atlanta and Greenville. 

The city closed the main streets and we had fun walking around downtown, listening to the live music and checking out the food booths. They even had "Shaved Ice." (It would need to be "Shave Ice" for Hawaiian authenticity.) The town folk were friendly and we shared lots of smiles.

Jefferson Airplane was supposed to play there at 8, but we needed to head back home before dark.

Flags waving in front of Pickens Court House

"I may be going nowhere, but what a ride.” 
Shaun Hick

Cathy and Dana

Dana got a new bike and they both look great on it! Look at how they sparkle, like the chrome.

Here they are in front of us, riding on Highway 25, south toward Greenville.

My lens through the mirror.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Headlights

Taking apart the fairing
Changing the headlights on our '07 Road Glide is difficult because you have to remove the turn signals and fairing to get to the headlight box. The procedure may sound simple, but it is definitely a two-person operation. One person to read the manual, the other to operate the Phillips-head screwdriver.

Both jobs requires, time, screws, and patience.

When we finished, we celebrated with dinner at the new Pan Asian Restaurant in Asheville called Ganko. So many delicious things to choose from, but I ordered crab and avocado sushi.

Steven enjoying his Tom Yum soup
After dinner, we rode home on I-40. With very few folks on the road, we breathed in the beautiful colors of sunset. This photo below captured the elegance of our moment and place.