Thursday, July 16, 2009


My ride's here...

CR11 - Auto, West Virginia

Rain today? Not yet, so we took a short ride to Auto (yes, they’ve got a place called Auto) on CR11 to the Monongahela Forest, through farm land that included an enormous corn field. “They can see this in space,” Steven said.

"Drive until you lose the road." ~ Isaac Slade

Monday, July 13, 2009

Humpback Covered Bridge, VA

Humpback Covered Bridge
Covington, Virginia
Very easy to find, even with the rain drizzle, this covered bridge over Dunlop Creek is made of white oak and hickory, was built in 1857, and traversed until 1929. Rising eight feet from the ends to the center, the bridge is a celebration of simple beauty and arching grace, from a different, long gone time.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Over 500 Miles...

We returned via VA- and NC-16 to the Parkway. After two detours (still in repair!), we rode the BRP to Asheville. It sure felt good to get home.

Not a bad Independence Day weekend--over 500 miles in two days, exploring beautiful Virginia. Mile upon mile full of blue skies, lush greens, and full hearts.

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness." ~ John Muir

Hungry Mother State Park

A walk down memory lane for Steven... Here he stands in front of the Dam and Spillway at Hungry Mother State Park, adjacent to the Park's spectacular lake and forest, located in Marion, Virginia, just off Route 16.

Almost 35 years to the day, he spent the summer along this 108-acre lake as a 16-year-old member of the Youth Conservation Corps. One of his jobs was cleaning out the Spillway.

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day... We rode back through the lush Thompson Valley, soaking in the greens and the blue-on-blue splendor...with a bit of white and red... FREEDOM!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thompson Valley, Virginia

Our View of Thompson Valley off VA State Route 16
Tazewell County, Virginia
Isn't it appropriate that we are traveling through areas that were settled in the infancy of our Nation? The photos do not do the beauty justice.
Southwest of Tazewell, the fertile Thompson Valley is nestled between the Rich and Clinch mountains of Southwest Virginia. The 17 mile-long agricultural and grazing wonder attracted the first pioneer settlers and was named for William Thompson who settled there in 1772.

Virginia Backroads

Everywhere you look--Timeless Beauty.

Pastures of Gold and Green

A wonderland forest. A tunnel made of bending branches. Nearby pastures. Private. Untouched. From a different era. How are we so lucky to be able to see this?

"...And sweet blossoms fills the air
Pastures of gold and green
Roll down into cool clear waters..."
~Bruce Springsteen

Holston River, Virginia

Holston River, Virginia
We took VA 58 from Weber City to Hiltons, then traveled on the backroads through more rural beauty.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009