Monday, August 03, 2009

Cloud Ten

Heading north, back home. Our late afternoon run on the Parkway, just before 7 pm and the eye-level clouds are still miracles of nature, embracing, shielding Mt. Pisgah with white lightness.

"I was on cloud ten-- a very high, comfortable cloud, far from reality." ~ Lauren Bacall

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Reeves Cove Road, Candler, NC

Almost home...

Blue & White Sky

Heading North on the Parkway with Mt Pisgah straight ahead. No need to hurry, just soaking in the splendor.

No way to describe the spectacular sky. Bright blue, with billowy clouds, white, clean, as light as the joy in our hearts.

So easy to lean forward and whisper, "It's just the two of us. On top of the world."

Look at what we share.

Devil's Courthouse. BRP Milepost 422.4

Crag of Devil's Courthouse at 5720 feet
Popular peregrine falcon viewing. Spectacular.