Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green River, Saluda, NC

Definitely a Green River, flowing around Saluda, North Carolina. Great water for swimming, tubing, and kayaking.

Hendersonville, NC Apple Trees

Hundreds of trees, with so much character...

Gnarly apple trees...

“All art is erotic.”
~ Adolf Loos

Hendersonville, North Carolina…

Gnarly apple trees, bare branches are stunning patterns of strength. Nature’s work of art. Steven says he loves these rows and rows of tree. "They're cool."
To me, they look powerful and dangerous. Life fine erotic art.

Forsythia is out in WNC

“Human rebirth has no end.” ~ Pablo Neruda

The forsythia is out and glorious gold. Swaying in the wind with carefree brilliance. On the bike, Spring is so noticeable. It pops from the earth and trees. Each bend, a new cathedral rises. And the forsythia... Just stunning beacons of hope.

According to the forsythia is named for William Forysth, director of the Chelsea Physic Garden in 1770, maker of the first rock garden in the UK and one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society.

These “golden bells” herald rebirth and the coming of spring. The bursts of gold are beacons of inspiration and hope. And after a "long cold winter:" Ah, spring!