Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hwy 17, Georgia

Hwy 17 heading toward Toccoa, Georgia

Dramatic, rolling hill. Rising straight and up to meet the crystal blue sky.
Toccoa (from the Cherokee, Tagwâ'hï) is a small rural town with about 9,000 residents with a pretty 100-year courthouse that was restored in 2007. I learned that singer James Brown and Star Trek actor DeForest Kelley (Bones) were notable natives and residents of Toccoa.
My two favorite things: Steven (sunburnt) and books. (I love that he looks so happy.)

Double Chocolate Cake

Double Chocolate Cake
the special at Tallulah Gorge Grill, Georgia
"Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate
cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me."
~ Audrey Hepburn
Not exactly good for the waistline, but excellent for spirit & tastebuds.
Named after Augustus S. Clayton, a Superior Court Judge who later became a Congressman, the area was created from Cherokee lands.
Rabun County is known to be the home of Foxfire, the series of books that recorded and preserved stories about "the old days."

Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun, North Georgia

Absolutely delightful ride along Lake Seed and Lake Rabun in Northern Georgia, near Clayton. Lakes (via Georgia Power Company) generate hydroelectric energy for Atlanta. Many homes along lake with docks. Peaceful and beautiful. North Georgia's Rabun County is nestled at the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains.