Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beautiful North Georgia

Life in vibrant blue and green.

Riding Gravel in Georgia

Because life is always an adventure, our road near Rabun Gap, Georgia turned to gravel and instead of turning around, we tried to ride it out. Things became a bit scary--Steven had to turn the bike around near a precarious dropoff. He did it, but man, was it stressful. I walked about 1/4 mile while he rode the bike out solo. “Sure knows how to show a girl a good time…”

Beech Gap Forest

We continued up, reaching the crest of the mountains at 5,340-foot Beech Gap. Near Devil's Courthouse, we saw a white eagle in flight. First time. Remarkable.

Hwy 215 Waterfall

We rode NC HWY 215 past Lake Logan and Sunburst Campground, through the 495,000-acre Pisgah National Forest. We experienced views of pure drama, with miles of lush forest to our right and left. With the water levels up from all the rain, we stopped before the Parkway entrance and found this waterfall. which I believe is part of the West Fork of the Pigeon River.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sumter Forest, South Carolina

Picnic lunch just off Highway 28, South Carolina. Seemed like we had the entire Sumter Forest to ourselves.

River View Road, North Georgia

Just south of Franklin, North Carolina, we turned left off of Highway 441 and found a wonderful area of windy, peaceful roads. Here we are on unpaved River View Road, just at the northern border of Georgia.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cullasaja River Gorge, North Carolina

We road the narrow and stunning Highway 64/28 near Bridal Veil Falls and Dry Falls, past Highlands on the way to Franklin, North Carolina. With the dramatic drop of the Cullasaja River Gorge to the left and solid granite mountain to the right, we curved with the road and river down through the Nantahala National Forest.

Panoramic Grandeur

The Cherokee named the river Cullasaja, which means "honey locust place." The gorge is part of the trail followed by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto in his quest for gold in 1540. The river is narrow and deep and rushes with panoramic grandeur.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Forsythia Along Lake Logan

Finally! We are back on the mighty road. After days, weeks, months of snow, cold, and rain, today was drop dead gorgeous weather. Everytime we stopped, strangers would comment on what a perfect day it was to ride.

There was almost no one on the roads and we took the ride gently, enjoying each curve. We went north on Hwy 215. Here we are going past Lake Logan golden forsythia bushes blooming against the green grass, blue lake and sky. Vibrant colors against the bright sunshine. All of the waters swelled from the recent rain. Waterfalls abounded. Trout fishermen were everywhere.