Sunday, February 11, 2007

Got My Chaps

Steven and I rode for five hours yesterday on the bike. What a wonderful time. There is an added intimacy in sharing the wordless ride. For me, there's a heightened awareness of what's around me. My thoughts and emotions seem strong and uncluttered. I am amazed at the clarity of it all.

We went up through Caesar's Head, SC... That place was a GORGEOUS surprise. There are houses along the ridge with incredible views.

We bought chaps @ a hog shop near Lake Lure. Steven looks so nice with his because he is so tall. Learning to put those on was fun! (Actually, this is all exciting and invigorating. I am thrilled to see all these hidden land treasures. We live in such a gorgeous area; it's about time I got out into it!)

My backrest is on order. I think I can go further once that comes in and the weather warms a little.